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Tipping Point New Mexico

Jan 26, 2023

On this week's interview Paul talks to his old friend Drew Johnson. Drew and Paul both worked in Washington, DC for the National Taxpayers Union (and Foundation). Drew and Paul discuss government waste and their past and current efforts to reduce it. Also, Drew recently ran for office in Nevada which allows for mail-in...

Jan 24, 2023

RGF/Paul’s case against the City of Albuquerque for its "donation" to Planned Parenthood has officially been filed.

Also, RGF successfully appealed its free speech case at the United States District Court.

A few notable bills coming up in Committee for which RGF will deliver testimony.




Jan 19, 2023

On this week's interview Paul talks to his old friend Paul Teller. The two Paul's go back 20 years when Teller was staff director at the Republican Study Caucus, a conservative coalition of House Republicans in Congress. They discuss how the conservative movement has evolved since then and some of the issues and...

Jan 18, 2023

NM's legislative session begins at noon. We can talk broadly about what to look for in the upcoming session on a whole host of issues. MLG's "more of the same" budget is built on extraordinary growth in oil production. Sadly it doesn't seriously address tax reform.

Paul and Wally briefly discuss the latest in the gas...

Jan 12, 2023

On this week's interview show Paul talks to Rep. Ryan Lane (R-Aztec) the incoming House Minority Leader in the New Mexico Legislature. Paul and Ryan talk about what made Ryan get into politics and what he and the minority Republicans hope to accomplish during the impending 2023 legislative session. Specifically, they...