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Tipping Point New Mexico

Dec 21, 2023

On this week’s interview Paul sits down with 2022 New Mexico Republican candidate for Gov. Mark Ronchetti. Ronchetti and his wife Kristy currently create the No Doubt About It podcast, but Paul and Mark discuss the 2022 race, whether Republicans can win in New Mexico, and the impacts both the abortion issue and Donald...

Dec 19, 2023

RGF was in the ABQ Journal over the weekend discussing the Gov.'s proposed EV charger mandates and how New Mexicans can push back. 

In related news Paul did a request of CNM. They said each level 2 EV charging station cost $45,000.

LFC report says New Mexico's welfare programs are ineffective despite spending $10...

Dec 14, 2023

On this week's interview Paul sat down with Gabriella Hoffman. She recently spoke at an RGF luncheon on "Government's Quiet Land Grab." You can view her slides here. 

Gabriella is director of the Center for Energy and Conservation at Independent Women’s Forum. She is a freelance media strategist, award-winning writer,...

Dec 7, 2023

On this week's interview Paul talks to Jon Decker of Viante Foundation. Jon is President of the organization and local entrepreneur Dale Armstrong is the Founder. Viante was founded in 2017 to promote better schools, safer neighborhoods, and more economic opportunity in the state of New Mexico.

Paul and Jon discuss...