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Tipping Point New Mexico

Dec 20, 2022

Paul was in Jackson, Wyoming last week w/ Grover Norquist and a number of other center/right folks. He briefly shares news from conservative activists from across the country. 

As relates to our ongoing discussions of the medical provider shortage a new LFC report finds it is hard for Medicaid patients to get access to medical care. 

MLG is talking about another round of tax rebates. There are pluses and minuses to this approach. 
Analysts say New Mexico is too reliant on oil and gas (duh!), but their advice is horrendous.  
A news article had some good quotes from people concerned about capping interest rates on loans to low-income borrowers. The bill passed, but it's still important to understand why this was a harmful bill. 
Wally's NMSU Aggies play Paul's BGSU Falcons in a football matchup the Monday after Christmas. Who will win?